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The development of haiku in the Danish Authors’ Society (DFF):

After my stay in Japan in1990 I wrote in Forfatteren (the Author) in order to contact other authors, who were interested in haiku. We became a small group, that without meeting face to face participated in international competitions.

In the year 2000, I was in London and Oxford to haiku meetings and wrote about it when I returned home. This became the beginning of the haiku group. We were 3 – 4 participants who lectured to each other.

Now the group has 30 members and is an independent group of the Danish Authors’ Society.

I am the chairman.

We have a homepage:

where you can read about our group and me, e.g. several book reviews.

We have lectured many times about haiku, e.g. in evening classes and have made haiku arrangements in schools and libraries.

We have also participated in writing renga on the internet and made haibun in English

My daughters’ gift

A soft-red fabric rose

For my white hair

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